If You Live in Ohio and Bought a
Whirlpool Duet
® or Duet Sport® Front-Loading Washer in Ohio

You Could Be Included in a Class Action Lawsuit.

  • You could be affected by a class action lawsuit against Whirlpool involving certain Whirlpool Duet®, Duet HT®, and Duet Sport® Front-Loading Automatic Washers (the “Washers”).  The lawsuit is not about personal injuries, wrongful death, or emotional distress.

  • A federal court certified the lawsuit as a class action that includes current Ohio residents who bought a Washer in Ohio for their own personal, family, or household use, and not for resale.

  • Recently, the Court changed the class definition to exclude certain Washer models, based on new evidence.  Specifically, Plaintiffs’ experts have determined that certain Duet washers manufactured after 2008 are designed differently than the washer models in the Class.  Click here for details on how to determine whether you are still in the Class.

  • A trial involving the claims of the Ohio class against Whirlpool occurred in October 2014.  Whirlpool denied that the Washers are defective, disputed the claims, and won at trial.  However, the Class has appealed this judgment and is seeking to reverse it.  If money or benefits are obtained, further notice will be provided.  If you have been excluded from the Class, you are not bound by the result of this case and you have the right to sue Whirlpool in a separate case.

  • Your options are explained on this website.  The deadline to exclude yourself from the Class has passed.

All dates and deadlines contained in the notice have passed.