If You Live in Ohio and Bought a
Duet® or Duet Sport® Front-Loading Washer in Ohio

You Could Be Included in a Class Action Lawsuit.

  • You could be affected by a class action lawsuit against Whirlpool involving Whirlpool Duet®, Duet HT®, and Duet Sport® Front-Loading Automatic Washers (the “Washers”). The lawsuit is not about personal injuries, wrongful death, or emotional distress.

  • The lawsuit includes current Ohio residents who bought a Washer in Ohio for their own personal, family, or household use, and not for resale.

  • The Court has not decided that Whirlpool did anything wrong; rather, the case is currently scheduled to go to trial.  There is no money available now, and whether any becomes available to anyone will depend on the outcome of this lawsuit.

  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about your legal rights and options in this lawsuit. 

All dates and deadlines contained in the notice have passed.